Selection of Service Providers for ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse

ICANN has announced that it is working with Deloitte and IBM on implementation of Trademark Clearinghouse services.  Both Parties will subcontract IPClearingHouse BVBA (aka CHIP) in order to facilitate theses services.

The Trademark Clearinghouse will function as an information repository, offering authentication and validation services for trademark data. Trademark holders and gTLD registry operators will rely on the Clearinghouse to support rights protection mechanisms for the new gTLD space. The Clearinghouse is designed to be available globally, with capabilities for validating trademark data from multiple global regions.

Information about the Trademark Clearinghouse, including the current implementation model, and estimated fees, is available at This page is a new resource and will be updated on a regular basis to track progress toward launch of the Clearinghouse operations.

Sunrise of .sx managed by CHIP

The Internet Assigned Names Authority (IANA) has delegated the .SX country code Top Level Domain to SX Registry SA in December 2011 following a decision of the ICANN Board. In order to protect all stakeholders effectively, the registration process will proceed in phases as follows :
1) A Grandfather Period to protect Sint Maarten holders of .AN domain names – ongoing until May 2nd 2012.
2) Trademark Sunrise: May 3 - September 21
3) Local Phase - Companies: September 22 - October 6
4) Local Phase - Companies and individuals: October 7 - October 21
More information can be found on
Local presence on the island of Sint Maarten is not required.

Afnic appoints CHIP for Claims Mechanism

Afnic has appointed CHIP for managing the Claims Mechanisms that will be put in place for its new ccTLDs. The following ccTLDs will be linked to the CHIP service:
.re (Reunion)
.yt (Mayotte)
.tf (French Southern Territories)
.wf (Wallis and Futuna)
.pm (Saint Pierre and Miquelon)
When a domain name is registered in one of the new ccTLDs that corresponds to a trademark in the CHIP database, a automatic notification is sent to the Trademark Holder reported in CHIP. Insofar the email address of the domain name registrant or admin contact is made available, an additional notification will be sent to these email addresses as well.


Sunrise of .asia IDN managed by CHIP

At the 133rd Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in San Francisco, DotAsia Organization announces the appointment of the ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property (“CHIP”) for managing the Sunrise process for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in the “.Asia” Top-Level-Domain (TLD). CHIP is a revolutionary system and service that assists brand owners in managing rights protection mechanisms developed by domain name registries.

The IDN Sunrise process is a priority registration period for brand owners to register and protect their brands with domain names (in Chinese, Japanese and Korean scripts) which correspond to their brands.  By utilizing CHIP, brand owners can also register transliterations and variants of their brands in these scripts.  As of May 18, 2011, domain name registrars can submit domain name applications through CHIP. The deadline for the .Asia IDN Sunrise for Chinese, Japanese and Korean is July 25, 2011.

“DotAsia is committed to curb abusive registrations and to encourage positive usage of the ‘.Asia’ domain.  Internet users from China, Japan and Korea are searching for information about global brands in their native language.  Having domains that match your brand in the local language is therefore critical for online brand strategy, and serves to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking,” says Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia. “This partnership with CHIP extends our outreach to brand owners around the world to leverage the Sunrise priority process and to enhance the utilization of .Asia domains.”

In addition, DotAsia is working closely with CHIP on new rights protection mechanisms that will be supported by the CHIP platform.  The newest feature that is available for brand owners is a so-called trademark claims service.

“CHIP’s trademark claims service will not only allow brand owners to be informed when a domain name that corresponds with their trademark is registered, or is about to be registered, but will also notify the domain name applicant or registrant that a valid trademark claim with regard to the domain name exists,” says Bart Lieben, Counsel with Crowell & Moring and the main architect of CHIP. “On the basis of such a notification, brand owners will have the ability to suspend infringing domain names by using an expedited process, managed by an independent dispute resolution service provider.”

In the press: Managing IP

Six-year domain registration for free

Managing IP by Fionn O'Raghallaigh

CentralNic is the latest registry to try and entice brands to register to its new extension with enticements, which might have knock-on effect on new gTLD registries.

Towards the end of last year, CentralNic launched both and For brand owners, CentralNic is offering six years of free registration to any trade marks validated through the Clearinghouse for IP (CHIP) in

CHIP is a centralised clearinghouse that is the work primarily of Bart Lieben, of counsel with Crowell & Moring, and Deloitte and is steadily building up a list of top-level domains that it operates the sunrise claims services for.

The new extension is similar to what CentralNic has done with The company has claimed the registration of and is offering registrations in the third-level. sunrise commences June 20th

CHIP has been enabled to handle the validations for the sunrise of, starting June 20th.

.ASIA IDN Sunrise will be managed by CHIP

The DotAsia Organization, the not-for-profit corporation managing the .ASIA gTLD, confirmed today that they will allow brand owners to use the ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property (CHIP) to support them in safeguarding their rights in the launch of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) registrations in .ASIA.

More details about this launch process will follow soon.


CHIP to design and operate .SX Rights Protection Mechanisms

The ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property (CHIP) announces that it has been appointed by SX Registry, the future manager of the .SX ccTLD, to design and manage rights protection policies and processes for the newest domain extension.

More details about these policies and processes will be made available soon.


8 ccTLDs join CHIP

CoCCA and IP Clearinghouse, the company that operates CHIP, have collaborated to allow trademark owners to retroactively (or proactively) associate trademark information with specific domain names in the following country-code extensions: .AF, .CX, .GS, HT, .KI, .NF, .SB and .TL. The ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property (CHIP) and trademark (TM) EPP extensions are now available in the CoCCA Registry Software. Other TLDs will follow pending the outcome of the initial trial.

  • Trademarks that have been validated through CHIP will shortly obtain the opportunity to activate a so-called IP claims service, whereby CHIP will notify brand owners if a third party registers a domain name that corresponds with their validated brands in one of these extensions; and
  • Brand owners whose trademark rights have been validated through CHIP obtain discounts in registering domain names in these extensions.

Given the fact that the above deployments are still in a testing phase, the fees for brand owners for having their trademarks verified through CHIP and activate the above rights protection mechanisms will remain unaffected for the time being.



Meet a CHIP representative in San Francisco

CHIP representatives will attend the forthcoming ICANN Meeting in San Francisco. If you would like to discuss matters of common interest, please let us know at, and we will find the time to talk!