ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property

Please not that this is not the official ICANN trademark clearing house project. You can find more info on the official ICANN trademark clearinghouse project by following this link.


The ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property (“CHIP”) is a revolutionary system and service aimed at assisting brand owners in securing and safeguarding their trademark rights on the Internet, and more in particular in the domain name space.

With several thousands of submitted trademarks, CHIP is the leading independent online repository for validated trademarks for domain name registries and registrars. 

CHIP offers many benefits to brand owners, registrars and registries in the context of rights protection mechanisms: 

  1. Cost reduction. No need for brand owners to validate their rights for every new project
  2. Peace of mind. Brand owners and their registrars obtain up-front information and certainty on whether or not their trademarks meet the requirements laid down in the rights protection policies designed by the respective domain name registries using CHIP;
  3. Time saving. With CHIP, it will be virtually impossible to submit erroneous data to the respective domain name registry;
  4. Less paperwork. The administrative burden on domain name registrars and registries will be lowered, and centralized with the operators of CHIP.
  5. Neutral. CHIP is open to any validator, trademark and domain name registrar, and can accommodate any registry's policy.